The Challenge of Vocation – a message from Mgr John Armitage

Mgr John Armitage The word vocation comes from the Latin vocare, which means being called. God calls us into existence, when we are born, we are called into the body of Christ his Church at Baptism, and as we grow, the calling becomes personal and particular to each person. At the end of our life, God will ask of us “what did you do with the gifts I gave you?” the answer to that question is the way we have lived our life.

So what is my vocation? Simply it is to do God’s will; by seeking and embracing his will I discover the particular grace of the moment that God has for me; so as you begin the journey of discernment before you ask yourself the question “do I want to be a Priest? a Sister? a Brother? or get married?” ask the most important question: “what is God’s will for me?”

Discernment is an openness to seeking in prayer and guidance our response to the unfolding of God’s will as each day develops. In the grace of the moment each day, we find the strength to discover God’s plan for my life.

This daily grace is necessary because it is possible to know God’s plan, but not have the courage to embrace and accept it. Very often even with the right plans and maps we can have them upside down or not know where we are on them; we then need the most important help; a compass. Compasses point us in the right direction. God plan for you will unfold each day, if you follow the direction of the compass. This website is to help you find the right “directions” in your journey of discernment’ seeking God’s will in your life.

“May the Lord who has begun this good work in you bring it to completion.”

(words from the Rite of Ordination)
Mgr John Armitage
Vocations Director, Brentwood Diocese