Welcome! If you are reading this, it may well be because you are considering Priesthood and if that is the case, you are in the right place. The information here is naturally relatively brief – but we hope that it will open doors for you in terms of who to contact, and what you might expect as time goes by.

First of all, there are some very helpful words written by Fr Stephen Wang, a Priest of the Westminster Diocese, about some of the key areas to consider when reflecting on whether or not you have a vocation to be a Priest. His words encourage you to pray about it, and – when you are ready – to find a Priest to share your thoughts with. It may be that you have come to this page on the website because a number of people have asked you if you have thought about being a Priest. At this stage, you may be very unsure of that, even a bit nervous of it, and that’s very natural. With any life long commitment it is not something which will be entered into lightly. Similarly, you are too precious for anyone to force you into something that is not right for you. Vocations Directors are there to help and to guide, to be a sounding board and a place of sharing, hopefully rooted in some wisdom from our own experiences in Priesthood. But we are not on commission, and we don’t have any targets to meet except, “is this right for this particular man, at this time?” and that is a question we ask and answer together with you, in prayer, over time.

Read what Fr Stephen has written and feel free to get in touch at any time as you find yourself reflecting more deeply on the call to Priesthood. It may be that you are most comfortable speaking to your own Parish priest first, and it is certainly helpful that he knows you are considering Priesthood. You can also contact Fr Graham via this website, or by phone. If you have been reflecting for a while already and want to do this now, then please do: we are here whenever you want to get in touch.